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20 Jahre DJ Ötzi – Party ohne Ende

There are not many native German-speaking artists with who have conquered the stony path to an international career. Marlene Dietrich. Rammstein. Then Falco. The Scorpions, of course. And then we come to the man in question: DJ ÖTZI. If you pick out only the most important highlights after twenty years of success, one of the biggest is reaching number one with “Hey Baby” in the English charts (in addition to gold and platinum awards in the UK, which no Austrian has ever achieved before). Then #1 in the Australian charts. You can’t even list them all: he has had hits in twenty countries across the world, reached #2 in the Netherlands and #3 in Denmark with his debut album, sold 800,000 singles of “Live is Life” straight away in France, and his first hit “Anton aus Tirol” is still the bestselling Austrian single.

Twenty years ago, DJ ÖTZI, the singer with the unmistakable voice, the big heart, and roots in the Tyrolean Ötztal conquered the charts practically overnight and subsequently his songs found their way onto US country channels from Ohio to Tennessee, from Texas to Arizona. Talking about America: the fervent Elvis fan Gerry Friedle (DJ ÖTZI’s real name), who loved his idol so much he named his daughter after Elvis’s daughter LisaMarie, got to collaborate with the legendary Bellamy Brothers in 2012 to create an entire album with 15 songs in English and hits like “Sweet Caroline” are a fixed feature of his track list for tours and concerts.

For this major anniversary, the three-time ECHO-winner DJ ÖTZI has now re-recorded and remastered these hits, along with other musical gems, for a double album. 40 songs, including five new songs, in English and German: “20 Jahre DJ ÖTZI – Party ohne Ende”. A compendium of recent music history, from legendary party hits to thought-provoking ballads, from his breakout hit “Anton aus Tirol” to his current single “Bella Ciao”, with German lyrics written specially for DJ Ötzi by the great Peter Plate. Of course, “Geboren um dich zu lieben” is also features, along with “Der DJ aus den Bergen”, “7 Sünden”, and “A Mann für Amore”.

But when you look back on Gerry Friedle’s career, one song always stands out: “Ein Stern (…der deinen Namen trägt)”. No other single has achieved anything like this level of success in the German-speaking area. 108 weeks in the charts, eleven weeks at #1 in Germany and 13 weeks in Austria, double platinum, and the most successful song of 2007 in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria! The album it was on, “Sternstunden”, also became one of the best-selling albums of the whole year.

As a further special highlight, the anniversary album also features completely new remixes and two duets: “Ein Stern” and “Noch in 100.000 Jahren” with a completely new sound, as well as “Heinweh” with Marie Wegener and “Tränen” with voXXclub.

DJ Ötzi has sold well over 16 million records over the past 20 years. If you put these 16 million CDs neatly side by side, you could pave a path from Salzburg to Hamburg. And back again! Stacked on top of each other, they would reach a height of 160,000 metres: if you consider that the Cologne Cathedral is about 160 metres high, you might get an idea of how huge this is!

In addition to the super hits and secret gems of a 20-year career, DJ ÖTZI has a number of very special surprises in store to delight fans in the strictly limited fan box with unpublished bonus material and numerous gimmicks – such as the original DJ Ötzi cap, sunglasses, badges to go on walking sticks and ski poles, motif cards, and individually designed autograph cards.

Whether they choose the limited-edition fan box or the double album, fans have never been able to get as close to the music giant DJ ÖTZI as with “20 Jahre DJ ÖTZI – Party ohne Ende”. The only way to get even closer to him is on his peak tour – which starts on 8 January 2019 in Saalbach-Hinterglemm – or at his concerts. After his first solo tour was a triumphant success in 2018, DJ ÖTZI said: “That gave me so much strength, the euphoria, being so close to my fans, that I promise to go on a big tour again soon”. In the anniversary year 2019, fans can look forward to another DJ Ötzi surprise or two.

DJ Ötzi Peak Tour 2019

8th January – Hinterglemm

10th January – Kirchberg/Tirol

20th January – Bad Hofgastein

9th February – Aspach

17th March – Hauser Kaibling

21st March – Tux

23rd March – Silvretta Montafon

24th March – Kappl

26th March – St. Johann

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