DJ Ötzi

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Der Dj aus den Bergen

DJ ÖTZI is back! He is set to conquer the charts once again with his album “Der DJ aus den Bergen”. The release date of the CD is 14.10. 2011.What is the secret of DJ Ötzi’s success? In his earlier work as a DJ, he developed a feeling like no one else has for songs, melodies, and lyrics that elicit particularly exceptional reactions in audiences. On the other hand, there were always good, existing tracks that sometimes simply lacked that certain something or a contemporary twist. With his power and artistic energy, DJ ÖTZI was able to elevate these works to perfection in his own productions and achieved extraordinary successes. Following on from 2003 and 2007, DJ ÖTZI’s seventh sense may lead to a number 1 hit again in 2011, because his compatriot Andreas Gabalier has written a song that’s being played all over Austria at the moment! “I Sing a Liad für Di” is the name of the song the Styrian is bringing to the stage in his strong dialect. Too much dialect for Germany as many believe, but Andreas Gabalier wants to remain true to his style and his fans. That’s why DJ ÖTZI was the only artist he allowed to release a version that would fall on open ears in Germany as well, and wrote an adapted version in standard German himself. Who else, if not Gerry Friedle, aka DJ ÖTZI, could turn it into a real evergreen! They even met recently in Hamburg for mutual support. Gerry Friedle has said: “I think that ‘I Sing a Liad für Di’ has earned more than in my homeland “. DJ ÖTZI’s production of “I Sing a Liad für Dich” not only sounds superbly high-quality, but was a fixed part of the set list at this year’s Oktoberfest. The accompanying album “Der DJ aus dem Bergen” will finally be released on 14 October, 2011, featuring plenty of other hits that fit perfectly into the beginning of the après-ski season. The album also features the extra-long DJ Megamix “Party-Überlänge”, the mega hit “Sweet Caroline”, and a new version of the duet “Tränen” with Kate Hall.