DJ Ötzi

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Es ist Zeit

It’s time for a new album by DJ Ötzi. Gerry Friedle took a lot of time creating this one: his instinct for songs, melodies, and lyrics came together perfectly in this album. He chose the songs very carefully and even participated in the writing process. With a total of 17 tracks, the album is packed with great songs and will be available from 15 February 2013. “Es ist Zeit” is a varied album, yet you can hear a clear, uniting theme. Tracks such as the first single release “Du bist es” are powerfully produced and will get stuck in your head just like “Ein Stern” and “Noch in 100.000 Jahren“. But “Es ist Zeit” also has a lot more in store for listeners: especially noteworthy tracks include the two duets with Andrea Berg, which fit wonderfully well with the album concept. In addition, DJ Ötzi is the first artist to receive official approval to adapt the ‘80s classic “Down Under” by Men At Work. The result is the track “Tirol”, with lyrics by Hubert Trenkwalder. Another highlight is the duet with the Olsen Brothers, who sing in German on this album. For the first time since their Eurovision success, they have agreed to change the lyrics of their worldwide hit “Fly On The Wings Of Love.” In addition, the album also features a version of the Bellamy Brothers’ classic “I Need More Of You” suitable for the disco fox, likewise in German. A nearly seven-minute Fox Megamix was also made for fans of sophisticated club entertainment.

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