DJ Ötzi

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Hotel Engel

His life provides plenty of material for a Hollywood classic. An eventful life, one that finds its fulfilment on stage and makes not only him but also his audience – his countless fans – happy.


No artist has received more trophies, prizes, and awards in their musical career, no other artist has achieved what he has. He is the biggest and most successful export hit from Austria: with several top #1 hits, various gold and platinum awards, and the hit of the year “Ein Stern (der deinen Namen trägt)”, DJ ÖTZI alias Gerry Friedle has not only broken all records but also raised the bar to almost unattainable heights.

But he does not rest on his laurels – he goes straight back to the studio for a few months and works with great zeal and verve, collaborating enthusiastically and very intensively with composers and lyricists to express his creative ideas, experiences, feelings, and thoughts in melodies and words.

A total of 13 songs have been created in this way and can be found on the new album “Hotel Engel”. Besides DJ Ötzi’s familiar and popular party and discofox hits, there are also a few thoughtful ballads, emotional songs, and sentimental tracks.

The ballad “Tränen”, which DJ Ötzi sings in duet with Kate Hall, is especially touching. The attractive singer supports the contestants in the current Popstars season as a vocal coach. Kate and Gerry’s voices complement each other perfectly in “Tränen” and express so much sadness and longing that listening to them gives you goose bumps.

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