DJ Ötzi

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Simply The Best

The surprise of the year: Gerry Friedle shows a new musical side of himself that thrills and amazes fans. In collaboration with the country legends the Bellamy Brothers, he is launching the album SIMPLY THE BEST: DJ ÖTZI gives himself over to country music and sings a complete album in English for the first time. What’s that? Rustic, American country sound combined with catchy pop music? What may seem strange at first is a successful collaboration and the most extraordinary sound experiment of the year. This may be a meeting of two worlds, but DJ ÖTZI and The Bellamy Brothers know how to combine them; or rather, they have succeeded in creating a new world with their sound. When the three musicians met in a recording studio in Berlin at the beginning of the year, they immediately felt a musical energy between them.

All three of them have stayed grounded and down to Earth despite great success and all three share a deep love of music: in an intense and intimate collaboration, DJ ÖTZI and The Bellamy Brothers have created an album that brings together all the greatest hits.

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