DJ Ötzi

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“Sternstunden”, the “magic moments” of folk and pop music: the new DJ ÖTZI album. The year 2007 can only really get started with the new DJ ÖTZI album: he is the most famous export from Austria and has guaranteed the right hits for every party for years. No other artist can contribute more hits to a party than the likeable Austrian. No party playlist would be complete without hits like “Hey Baby”, “Anton Aus Tirol”, “Not Without Us”, “La Ola Walzer”, and many more, and they are all by Gerry Friedle alias DJ Ötzi. “Ein Stern (…der deinen Namen trägt)” was created in collaboration with his long-time friend NIK P. and is the first single and almost the title track of the album. A close friendship over a decade binds you together, as shown by the example of Gerry and Nik. The two have re-recorded the song, which is already an absolute classic in Austria and a catchy tune. They have achieved what nobody had imagined: together, they have created a version of “Ein Stern (..der deinen Namen trägt)” that will truly give you goose bumps.

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