DJ Ötzi

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von Herzen

The duet “Geboren um dich zu lieben” with his favourite partner Nik P. is once again one of the most successful hit singles of recent years. A superb song that could of course not be left off the new album.

With “A Mann für Amore”, DJ Ötzi, “the hero in Lederhosen”, is getting back to his roots from the “Anton aus Tirol” era. Witty, sometimes self-ironic lyrics with funny and juicy allusions to alpine and macho clichés. This is perfectly emphasised in the music in an original and humorous way with brass music meets electro. Ingenious and fit for the stadium, the hook also pounds in your ear: “I bin wie i bin, i tanz und i sing, ich mach halt mei Ding, es ist so in mir drin – i bin a Mann für Amore”. Likewise, lines such as “a Körper wie a Baum und a Hüften wie a Traum” express readiness for the pleasures of Alpine love.