Welcome to the DJ Ötzi fan community!

Want to stay close to the star and be kept up to date with exclusive DJ Ötzi insights and news? Then you’ve come to just the right place!

Found your own DJ Ötzi fan club or join an existing fan club near you!

To start a fan club, please contact our 3 main fan club advisors for Austria and Germany for more information:

Karin Neuwirth –

South & West Germany:
Olaf Eigner-Gerhard –

North & East Germany:
Heike Harms –

They will be happy to help and advise you.

As a DJ Ötzi fan club member you get the following EXCLUSIVE benefits:

– The unique DJ Ötzi fan badge
– The DJ Ötzi fan magazine once a year
– 12 x the DJ Ötzi fan letter
– 10% discount on the entire range in the online shop
– Discounts & special deals on selected events
– Entry in the raffle for the DJ Ötzi Fan Club Advent calendar
– Chance to participate in the annual DJ Ötzi fan meeting

Why should you start a fan club?

To live Gerry’s dream with him, to get a bit closer to your star, and to do something with him and for him!

Bonus for fan club presidents:

– A Meet & Greet & Dine with DJ Ötzi takes place once a year, exclusively for fan club presidents. Get closer to the star than ever!
– DJ Ötzi Fan Club Welcome Package
– Membership fee waived

General information about founding a fan club:

In order to found an official DJ Ötzi fan club, you need at least 10 founding members, including a fan club president and a vice president

. Depending on the region, send one of our 3 fan club advisors a list of your members with their names and addresses

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. Since the president and vice president of the fan club are our contact persons, please also include their mobile numbers and e-mail addresses

Membership fee in the anniversary year 2019: €5.00

The membership fee is waived for the fan club president

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. Depending on the number of members, the membership fees collected per club must be transferred to the following account:

G&F Music Management GmbH

IBAN: AT87 3500 0000 0001 2229

The DJ Ötzi fan card will only be sent out and the promotions activated for the fan once the membership fee has been received.

Want to join a DJ Ötzi fan club?

There might already be one near you – you can find an up-to-date list of fan clubs with the relevant contact persons here:

DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Niederlande
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Riesa c/o Maik Heinrich
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Erzgebirge -1- c/o Peggy Wagler
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Dänemark -2- c/o Claus Petersen
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Gersfeld c/o Richard Schellhas
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Gersfeld c/o Richard Schellhas
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Rheinland -1- c/o Sabine Sieger
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Norwegen c/o Stig Kvade
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Karben c/o Florian Künze
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Rhein-Main c/o Matthias Hartmann
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Alpencowboys München c/o Renate Baumann
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Dänemark -1- c/o Bente & Johan Schnack
DJ Ötzi – Fanclub Bodensee c/o Sandra & Siegmar Höge


Be part of the DJ Ötzi fan community and live Gerry’s dream with him!

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