DJ Ötzi

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DJ Ötzi & Nik P. „Ein Stern (Bassflow Remix)“

Ein Stern, der deinen Namen trägt. Alle Zeiten überlebt. Und über unsere Liebe wacht”. In 2007, DJ Ötzi sang of a gift that would survive through the years, and he has lived up to this promise impressively. This mega-hit managed to stay in the German charts for a staggering 107 weeks and held onto its place in the top ten for 42 weeks. Overall, over 1.2 million copies of the number one hit were sold, making it a quadruple platinum record. The tune is as catchy as they come and to this day, its positive message and upbeat sound still make people of all generations forget their everyday troubles and instinctively take to the dance floor.


There’s no doubt about it: even over a decade after its release, “Ein Stern (…der deinen Namen trägt)” is still “a gift for all eternity,” as Nik. P.’s lyrics put it. To make this epic party anthem even more legendary, DJ Ötzi now has another gift for his fans. The hit machine headed to the studio yet again and recorded a bassflow remix of “Ein Stern”. The new single is also featured on the album released in January “20 Jahre DJ Ötzi – Party ohne Ende”, which contains not only brand-new songs, but also remixes of his major tracks like “Anton aus Tirol”, “Hey Baby”, and “Ein Stern”.


It’s been two decades since DJ Ötzi first lit up the party landscape. Now listeners couldn’t image the music scene without him – or the track “Ein Stern (…der deinen Namen trägt)”. With his unique flair for songs with hit potential, even back then he managed to raise the bar for discofox tracks. It didn’t seem like it could get any better! Yet this pulsing new “bassflow mix” by DJ Ötzi serves as proof that you can make a great dancefloor track even better to dance to without distorting it. Because nothing and no one in heaven or on Earth can stop this hit from surviving “for all time” as “a gift for all eternity”.

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