DJ Ötzi

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Geboren um dich zu lieben


When talking about DJ Ötzi & Nik P., you have to think a little bigger. The pair’s success is too overwhelming and long-lasting. As a worldwide established brand, DJ Ötzi has remained a sincere ambassador of his native Tyrol. He embodies the characteristic traits of this region: hospitality and tradition, as well as a heart and mind that are open to the world. The Carinthian Nik P. is an equal collaborator in every respect. When the two get together, only great things can come of it. Nik P. has already proven this as an author with the super hit EIN STERN, DER DEINEN NAMEN TRÄGT. Together, DJ Ötzi and Nik P. made the song the most successful single in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Now they are introducing GEBOREN UM DICH ZU LIEBEN. This song is a declaration of love for a special someone, for their own fans, who faithfully accompany them on their respective – and shared – paths. For the good in people. For the whole, wonderful world. Of course, it does all this with an unmistakable sound, a balancing act of star quality and homely accessibility that arises when DJ Ötzi and Nik P. join forces. As only the two of them can.


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