DJ Ötzi

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Wie ein Komet

The first single release “Du bist es” from DJ Ötzi’s new album “Es ist Zeit” was a meteoric hit, shooting to number 2 in Media Control’s official airplay charts – even higher than “Ein Stern”. The second album track, “Wie ein Komet”, released on 8th February, even shot straight to number 1. This means “Wie ein Komet” is currently the most-played hit on German dance floors.

This song conquers dancefloors and enthrals audiences with great lyrics, a catchy melody, and beats to set the blood pounding. The single “Wie ein Komet” will be released on 8th February and is another taster of DJ Ötzi’s upcoming album “Es ist Zeit”. Following on from this, Gerry Friedle will be releasing many more super hits in top form from 15th February, which his fans will love. You can find out more about the new DJ Ötzi album “Es ist Zeit” here.