DJ Ötzi

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X-mas time

DJ ÖTZI is releasing his first Christmas production: the maxi CD “Xmas Time”, which also includes a special “X-Mas-Mix” of “Hey Baby”, will be released on 19 November 2001. The title track of his second album “Love, Peace & Vollgas” is currently in the charts in Germany, while in the UK, “Hey Baby” just climbed back from number 3 to number 2 last week. Only Kylie Minogue blocked his way back to the top. (DJ Ötzi had already previously shot straight to number 1!. Fun fact: weeks before “Hey Baby” was officially released in England, DJ Ötzi was already listed in the charts. Retailers had imported the song, and the sales were so strong that the song could be placed in the single charts this way.) This week Michael Jackson pushed him back to number 3. But “Hey Baby” is already one of the best-selling maxi CDs of the year in the UK!

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